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The Capital Area Beekeepers Association (CABA) was founded in 2010 to foster beekeeping as a heritage activity in New Hampshire; and to share knowledge, best practices, and mentorship within the local beekeeping community.  CABA has over 200 members, representing a wide range of occupations and levels of experience, and works to promote beekeeping through a whole community approach.

In 2018, Capital Area Beekeepers in collaboration with the State of New Hampshire and The Friends of Bridges House  worked to establish a teaching apiary on the Bridges House property. This consists of four hives, where novices can work alongside experienced beekeepers on guided inspections and other hands-on training.

The partnership with CABA has been instrumental to beekeeping for the Concord area.  Additionally, they host weekend Bee School courses in the fall and winter, giving those interested a wonderful place to gather, learn and have hands on experience.